Dean L. Milber

For more than two decades, Dean Milber has been coverage counsel, litigation counsel, and supervisory counsel to the insurance industry representing insurers and their professional policyholders in New York and throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. As the founding and managing partner of New York based Milber Makris Plousadis & Seiden, LLP, he was primarily responsible for creating a legal and business environment that continues to provide high quality, cost-effective and client driven service to the insurance community. After almost 25 years of private practice, Dean has taken his unparalleled experience to focus exclusively on his insurance coverage and professional liability ADR practice.

As a litigator, Dean has represented insurers in declaratory judgment actions, as well as attorneys, insurance brokers and agents, accountants, and other professionals in malpractice lawsuits, at both the trial and appellate levels. When faced with licensing and financial challenges, these same clients have asked Dean to appear with them before state and federal administrative agencies and departments to avoid what could be career ending sanctions. It is within this climate that Dean has successfully navigated through conflicting interests and goals, not to mention differing personalities and cultures, by identifying all issues relevant to the disputing parties and developing a clear and concise strategy to reach the desired result.

In his varying roles, Dean has worked closely with the claims, underwriting, and marketing arms of insurance companies that has included drafting policy language, writing articles on risk management, and providing training for handling claims from inception through third-party recovery. As such, he has developed a unique understanding of the insurer's need to meet the obligation for prompt and reasonable indemnity payments while, at the same time, ensuring that each claim is properly investigated and evaluated, all within a fair and fiscally controlled landscape. Not surprisingly, therefore, Dean has been asked to be a guest lecturer and teacher to insurance companies and professional trade associations alike including the American Bar Association - Tort and Insurance Practice Section, the Council on Litigation Management, and the American Association of Managing General Agents.

Through the years, Dean has taken his problem solving/proactive approach, and participated in hundreds of ADR situations as a neutral and counsel both in formal and informal settings with a recognition that flexibility and being willing to operate outside the box when necessary is critical as the parties work towards and achieve resolution.

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